KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing

The KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing programme aims to optimise supply chain management through the Just In Time flow creation model that integrates logistics and production planning.

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19. May. 2021



200 EUR

Our Training Goals

• Low production efficiency (labour yield)
• High internal and external quality failure costs (return rates, defects
and/or rework)
• Low efficiency in internal logistics processes
• Long delivery waiting times or supplier failures
• Difficulty in planning orders
• Failure to comply with delivery deadlines
• High production change times
• High stock levels in the Supply Chain
• Conflicts between production and logistics departments
• High degree of complexity and low effectiveness in order,
production and logistics planning.

What you learn

• Lean Production Model
• Production Flow
- Layout and Line Design
- Standard Work
- Low-Cost Automation
• Internal Logistics Flow
- Supermarkets
- Mizusumashi
- Synchronisation (KANBAN / Junjo)
- Levelling and Internal Pull Planning
• Total Quality Management
• Industry 4.0 and KAIZEN™ Analytics
features and practises
• Simulation Exercises
• Case Studies

KAIZEN™ in Manufacturing

200 EUR

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