Daily KAIZEN™ for Natural Work Teams

This program is designed to help organizations implement Daily KAIZEN™ routines in their workplaces. In this two day program, you will learn the secrets to establishing a culture of daily continuous improvement in your organization.

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26 - 27. May. 2021

United States
Buffalo, NY


995 USD

Our Training Goals

Prepare Team Leaders for the implementation of continuous improvement operational techniques.
Develop the skills of Managers and Team Members to improve their areas and work processes
Create an Improvement Culture, starting at the organization's "Gemba"
Learn how to implement a standardized system of management and improvement of the natural teams' performance.

What you learn

CI Management Model
Team Leader Standard Work
Implementation Model
Team Boards and Team Meetings
Organization of the workplace
Standardization of best practices (SDCA)
Improvement of processes (PDCA)
Team Development Planning
Simulation Exercises
Case Studies

Daily KAIZEN™ for Natural Work Teams

995 USD

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